The Invasion Of Venezuela By The U.S. And Allies – Part 1

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Putin Warns U.S.: Hands Off Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA – January 25, 2019: The video highlights Rick Sanchez of RT reporting on the latest developments in Venezuela’s intensifying political crisis.

Later in the video, RT America’s Dan Cohen reports on the increasingly shrill back-and-forth between Washington and Caracas as well as Russian voices joining the mix, with President Putin denouncing the present U.S. interference in Venezuela as “a gross violation of the fundamental norms of international law.”

(BattleForWorld: What is going on, involving Venezuela, and previously Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, etc. are all part of the movement of the Anti-Christ – wrapped in fakery, to which many happily embrace, perhaps unknowingly. And still today many do not know what is the Anti-Christ and will continue to be tricked.

A Nostradamus verse seems to fit this moment well: Century 1, Quatrain 14: “The enslaved (i.e. via capitalism abuse and mind manipulation) population write songs, sing and make petition. They are held captive by their Lords and Masters (i.e. the ruling elites). Later again by the headless idiots (i.e. social media and news media talking heads, adding their spin) whose words they will take as divine utterances.”

So a large percentage of people in the world are in a state of unknowing regrading what is truly going on as the movement twists and turns their minds in all directions of confusion. So far, President Putin of Russia is the only leader who has come out saying, the ones who want to dominate the world do not live in Moscow. Putin is very aware and well informed about what is unfolding in the world. And because of his training, he’s well skilled in the methods to use to confront the movement. The Russians are also very aware that The Mighty Ones will come and are already here to give help, they have promised this, to fight against the schism that has gripped the Earth.)


US attacking Venezuela’s public services to overthrow Maduro’s government

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 4, 2019: The article highlights that Venezuela’s military has been placed on alert to pre-empt potential ‘unconventional’ warfare tactics by the US, which aims to overthrow the government with attacks on public services, President Nicolas Maduro has announced.

“Venezuela is demonstrating to the world that it is a testing ground for new cybernetic, electromagnetic war weapons and a new war strategy, which is not the direct invasion or bombing by missiles, but the bombing of vital public services,” Maduro said, declaring that, with rolling blackouts, the situation in the country remains “serious.”  Troops have been placed on high alert as the government accuses the US of rehearsing a new form of warfare on the country. 

The alleged tactics, its objective is to destabilize the situation in Venezuela just about enough to provoke internal clashes, the president said. And accused the US backed opposition of engaging in “criminal plans” to take advantage of such a scenario of chaos to assassinate him and other loyal supporters. President Maduro also voiced that there are plans by dissidents to “attack military units.”


‘Venezuela won’t become 2nd Syria’: Lavrov sure South America won’t back military invasion v. Maduro

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 3, 2019: The article highlights that tensions over Venezuela won’t escalate into a new Caribbean Crisis or turn the country into “a second Syria,” Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov has assured, bashing the US for treating the Western Hemisphere as its backyard.

“We don’t accept the methods, with which the US is trying to improve the life of the Venezuelan people,” said Lavrov in an interview with Russia’s Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

That Washington [DC] has outright backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president of Venezuela in January (2019). The US geopolitical drama has introduced hash economic sanctions against the struggling country, preventing it from importing food and medical supplies. And top US officials have threatened with so-called “humanitarian intervention” of Venezuela in order to remove the unwanted socialist leader, Nicolas Maduro, from power.

Lavrov noted that even those countries on the continent of South America that oppose Maduro and want a snap election in Venezuela got “really stressed out” when the Americans mentioned the use of force.

“I guarantee you that if there’ll be an attempt of a military intervention, the vast majority of Latin American states will outright reject it,” said Lavrov.


Chinese Soldiers Arrive; World-Ending Storm?

BATTLE FOR WORLD / THE STRANGER | April 3, 2019: The article highlights boldly that: “If You Are Not Paying Attention, the World-Ending Storm of a Third World War Is Gathering in Venezuela.” 

At first glance, the US’s aggressive position on Venezuela seemed uncomplicated. But troops are quickly on the mind of the top hawk in D.C.—White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, the man who, in the first years of the 2000s, played an instrumental role leading the US into an adventure—the second Iraq war—a military disaster based on lies, placing American imperial power in terminal crisis (the collapse of the Project for the New American Century).

The article continues: The fickle public had forgotten about all that. Bolton, a member of the “old gang” of darkness (Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz), the war orchestra he loves so much. Now the corporate press could be expected to amplify it all into a television slaughter show, and old allies would fall into line supporting the devilish cause.

Venezuela has oil, a socialist government in turmoil, and pro-American opponents who are ready to exploit the oil using turmoil. But what could go wrong in this regional exertion of basic imperial power is the question?

Venezuela: China delivers first batch of humanitarian aid

A plane carrying the first batch of humanitarian aid from China arrived at Simon Bolivar International Airport in the northern Venezuelan city of Maiquetia on Friday (March 29).


Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly strips opposition leader Guaido of immunity

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 3, 2019: The article highlights that Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly has backed a Supreme Court request to strip the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido of his immunity, paving the way for possible legal proceedings against the US-backed opposition leader that is calling for regime change, from which the country of Venezuela has become unstable with infrastructure being attacked by opposition forces.

The decision to revoke Guaido’s immunity which he held as head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly was made a day after Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) urged the ANC lawmakers to take action against the self-proclaimed ‘interim’ president, because he’s being accused of inciting violence and engaging in an illicit financial activity.

“Justice is necessary for the guarantee of peace,” the president of the assembly Diosdado Cabello said, further adding that ANC approves the top court’s request “so that there is justice in our country.”


Marco Rubio inflames Twitter using Bible verses calling for regime change in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | April 2, 2019: The article highlights that Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s social media posting read with mixed reaction with comments about regime change in Venezuela and border security using words from the bible book to justify action.

The Republican Senator tweeted, citing Psalm 46: “Though nations rage and kingdoms totter, HE utters his voice and the earth melts. The LORD of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob.”

Rubio appears to find refuge in the bible book citing “nations rage and kingdoms totter” – the Florida Senator seems very determined to use his own twist to rage away Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power even if it means provoking Russia into a cataclysmic conflict too.

“Megalomaniac @marcorubio is directly threatening war with nuclear-armed Russia over its military alliance with Venezuela which has existed since 2001,” Tweeted journalist Dan Cohen. And that “It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous this is. Rubio should be reprimanded for abuse of power.”


Israeli Commandos in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TRUNEWS | April 1, 2019: In this video highlight with Rick Wiles, he said that: …This is unconfirmed, a friend of mine, this happened a month ago, just happened to have a conversation here in South Florida with a Venezuelan man. Who was from Venezuela and Jewish. There are many Jews living in South America. And he told my friend, I am grieving for my country today because there’s going to be a slaughter. 

And when asked to explain: He said my uncle is an officer in the Venezuelan army and he just sent me this text and he showed the text on his phone; it’s in Spanish and my friend read it in Spanish and it said:

Right at this moment a planeload of three hundred Israeli commandos are leaving Tel Aviv for Venezuela.

And what the uncle said to his nephew [is that] there’s going to be a slaughter here in Venezuela. It’s totally unconfirmed. I am just telling you it really happened to somebody I know. 

(NOTE: The TruNews channel on Youtube, their video posts are being privatized. TruNews announced that it’s not them, but rather Youtube censoring their posts. And that all TruNews posts are available at


FBI’s McCabe Accidentally Tells Truth About Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / THE JIMMY DORE SHOW | March 31, 2019: The video highlights FBI’s Andrew McCabe comment from his book ‘The Threat’, where on page 136 he recounts a meeting in the White House Oval Office in 2017, where President Trump said: “Then the president talked about Venezuela. That’s the country we should be going to war with, he said. They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door. He continued on, rambling and spitballing about whatever came to mind.”

(BattleForWorld: Apparently all the U.S. Presidents have war on their mind in private. The public only sees the actual unfolding wrapped in some type of media drama to drag their minds into supporting the cause, not knowing  that it was all already planned in private to be unveiled before them.

The show host says, no wonder why McCabe was against Trump. But it would have happened anyway in the presidency of another, because the crime-syndicates are always in the background of whomever is president in the United States. These are just high-official government employees taking orders/chess-play moves from the crime-syndicates.)


Lavrov says nothing left in US diplomacy but ultimatums

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | March 31, 2019: The article highlights that US diplomats have been only resorting to threats and ultimatums and the use of sanctions if other countries refuse to meet their demands, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a program called “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.”

In an interview published on the Foreign Ministry’s website, Lavrov said: “Now I see nothing in US diplomacy but ultimatums and then sanctions in case they are not fulfilled.” And that: “Other tools have somehow disappeared from US diplomacy’s arsenal and this is regrettable.” And “if you serve as a foreign minister, you have to search for diplomatic solutions to various problems,” said Lavrov.


Russia Lambasts US about Threats to Impose Sanctions Over Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | March 30, 2019: The article highlights that US-Venezuela special representative Elliott Abrams threatened Russia with new sanctions on Friday (March 29) over Russia’s military cooperation with Venezuela, saying the Kremlin would be made to “pay a price” for its assistance to the Latin American country. Moscow and Caracas say their cooperation is in full accordance with existing defense agreements and international law.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted Washington [DC] over its “ridiculous” “attempts to intimidate” Russia over its legitimate cooperation with Venezuela in defense.

And the Foreign Ministry on Saturday said: “The arrival of Russian military-technical cooperation experts in Venezuela continues to provoke a nervous reaction in Washington. [US officials] have even begun saying that the US would consider the appearance of the representatives of armed forces from countries outside the Western Hemisphere [in Venezuela] as a provocative action posing a threat to regional peace and security.” 

“For our part, we can only recommend that the US stop threatening Venezuela, strangling its economy and pushing for civil war, in open violation of international law. We call on all Venezuelan political forces who put the interests of their country above their own personal ambitions to engage in dialogue, and are prepared to assist in such dialogue in any way possible,” said Zakharova.


Koch brothers behind US coup in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA | March 28, 2019: The video highlights that the Koch brothers in the United States are behind the coup against President Maduro that is happening in Venezuela to install the US self-proclaimed puppet Juan Guaidó.

The role oil plays as well as the racial dynamic of the US attempt to bring about a coup in Venezuela, RT America’s Manila Chan turns to investigative journalist Greg Palast to discuss the latest developments.

Palast talks through why the Koch brothers want Maduro out.


Russian Military Officials Arrive in Venezuela for Defence Talks

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | March 25, 2019: The article highlights that a group of Russian military personnel have arrived in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas to take part in consultations with country’s officials on defense industry cooperation, a diplomatic source in Caracas told Sputnik.

When asked about the possible arrival of two aircraft with the Russian military, the source said: “[The Russian military personnel] has arrived to take part in bilateral consultations.” And further added that “Russia [and Venezuela] have a number of contracts, which are being implemented, including contracts on military and technical cooperation.”


Venezuela crisis: Seems something is broken in the US regime-change train

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | March 9, 2019: The video highlights that the battle over the Venezuelan presidency to bring about a coup (by the United States and the West), which has dragged on since January (2019), appears stuck in stalemate. As President Maduro is still in power, and it seems Washington has no back-up plan to force him out.



U.S. has lost all sense of shame: Lavrov slams Washington for coddling Venezuelan opposition

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | February 13, 2019: The article highlights that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a joint press conference following talks with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini on Tuesday (February 12), that: “As for the political aspect of the situation in Venezuela, at the very beginning we supported an initiative put forward by Mexico and Uruguay, which was aimed at creating conditions for national dialogue involving all of the country’s political forces. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro immediately expressed readiness to participate in such a dialogue but the opposition rejected the initiative,” Lavrov pointed out. But that “The reason is that the opposition is guided by the Americans, who show no shame in speaking about ways to resolve the situation,” the Russian top diplomat added.


Maduro to move Venezuelan state oil firm’s European HQ to Moscow

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT – March 2, 2019: The video highlights that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered its European headquarters state oil company PDVSA to relocate to Russia, said Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez.


US plans to buy weapons for Venezuelan opposition in Eastern Europe (Ukraine)

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | February 25, 2019: The article highlights that the US is considering the possibility of buying weapons for the Venezuelan opposition in one of Eastern European countries, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday (February 21).

The spokeswoman Zakharova said: “We have information that companies from the US and its NATO allies are considering the possibility of buying a large batch of weapons in one of Eastern European countries in order to provide them to the Venezuelan opposition. The batch will reportedly include heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, portable missile launchers and ammunition for light weapons and artillery systems. So this is what they mean when they talk about delivering humanitarian aid.

And that “There is also a Ukrainian trace in this brazen plan. In particular, it is going to involve the Antonov state company, as far as we understand,” noted the Russian diplomat.


US-backed opposition caught on VIDEO throwing Molotov cocktails at aid truck on Venezuela border

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | February 25, 2019: The article highlights that as Washington and Caracas blame each other for torching a truck carrying what the US called vital ‘humanitarian supplies’ from Colombia to Venezuela, a video has emerged, finally shedding some light on the incident:

The truck caught fire and burned down during a failed attempt on Saturday (February 23) by US-backed opposition activists to breach the closed Colombia-Venezuela border crossing at the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge, near the Venezuelan city of Urena.

The Venezuelan government has refused to let the American cargo in, calling these ‘humanitarian’ convoys a propaganda stunt and a precursor to a military invasion.


UN ambassador of Russia informs Elliott Abrams again at the United Nations

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA | March 1, 2019: The video highlights  Russia and US sparring in the United Nations over Western attempts to use US-AID to carryout regime change in Venezuela. Both ambassadors presented draft resolutions but neither were adopted. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on the dispute for the News for Rick Sanchez.


U.S. Congress Would Not Support Military Intervention in Venezuela – Official

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | February 13, 2019: The article highlights that the U.S. Congress would not support a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, said House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, during a hearing session on the crisis in Venezuela on Wednesday (February 13). Where he said: The “U.S. military intervention is not an option.” And that “Congress decides when, where and how the U.S. military is used around the world, and Congress would not support military intervention in Venezuela.”


Most Democrats appeared on board with Trump’s regime change for Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | February 13, 2019: The article highlights that the Trump administration’s controversial envoy Elliott Abrams was trying to sell Congress on intervention in Venezuela where he was faced with tough questions from several lawmakers, but most seemed on board with regime change in Caracas.

That most Democrats appeared on board with Trump’s regime change policy, so long as it could be done quickly and cheaply. Brad Sherman (D-California) was particularly interested in making sure the U.S.-backed government doesn’t repay any of the loans Caracas has taken out from Russia, which Venezuela has been settling with oil shipments.

(BattleForWorld: Will the regime change for Venezuela move into some type of covert war phase?)

The Colombian President Ivan Duque was in Washington DC meeting with President Donald Trump, where they released a joint statement pledging to “work with the Guaido government to restore freedom, democracy, and prosperity to Venezuela” and condemning the “illegitimate, former dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro,” – the government elected by the people of the country.


Cuba charges U.S. moving special forces, preparing Venezuelan intervention

BATTLE FOR WORLD / YAHOO | February 14, 2019: The article highlights that Cuba announced on Thursday (February 14) that the United States was secretly moving special forces closer to Venezuela as part of a plan to intervene in the South American country using the pretext of a humanitarian crisis.

The “Declaration of the Revolutionary Government” of the Republic of Cuba said that recent events in the country of Venezuela amounted to an attempted coup that had so far failed.

But the U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has been trying to pressure the elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down and hand over power to the western unilaterally supported Juan Guaido, the head of Venezuela’s National Assembly front.

The western selected president Guaido invoked a constitutional provision to assume the presidency three weeks ago (in January), arguing that Maduro’s re-election last year was a sham. And the announcement to support Guaido has led the United States to impose drastic sanctions against Maduro’s government causing damage “1000 times greater” than the aid it is trying to force on the country.


Trump says U.S. military intervention in Venezuela ‘an option;’ but Russia objects

BATTLE FOR WORLD / YAHOO | February 5, 2019: The article highlights that U.S. President Donald Trump said military intervention in Venezuela was “an option” as Western nations boost pressure-meddling on the socialist leader Nicolas Maduro for him to step down. But Venezuela’s ally Russia warned the West against any “destructive meddling.”

The United States as the leader, symphonied Canada and several Latin American countries to disavow Maduro over his disputed re-election last year and recognized their chosen self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido as the country’s rightful leader.

President Trump said U.S. military intervention was under consideration in an interview with CBS aired on Sunday (February 3). And said: “Certainly, it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option,” further adding that Maduro requested a meeting months ago. Where Trump said: “I’ve turned it down because we’re very far along in the process,” in a “Face the Nation” interview. “So, I think the process is playing out.”


Putin taunts Trump: 400 Russian military contractors sent in support of Maduro

BATTLE FOR WORLD / WASHINGTON TIMES | February 5, 2019: The article highlights that Russia is playing a high-stakes game in the mounting crisis in Venezuela, where socialist President Nicolas Maduro has been mortgaging part of the country’s oil resources in exchange for financial and military support from Moscow, as the United States meddles in the country’s political affairs to bring about a coup to unseat the legitimate president of Venezuela.

Latin America is far from Russia (and so is Iraq, Syria, Turkey, etc. from the U.S., but the U.S. still interferes in these countries seeking a geopolitical edge), and Venezuela is impoverished (due to sanctions from the West), surrounded by hostile neighbors (under U.S. direction) and squarely in the crosshairs of the Trump administration. But for a variety of reasons, the government of President Vladimir Putin sees in Caracas an ally worth cultivating.

The arrival of 400 Russian military contractors after Mr. Trump’s Jan. 23 recognition of Mr. Guaido, the head of the National Assembly, triggered speculation that Moscow was reinforcing Mr. Maduro’s personal security or even preparing his evacuation, says the article.


Italy vetoes EU recognition of Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader – M5S source

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | February 5, 2019: The video highlights that a range of European nations have separately recognized the opposition chief Juan Guaido: UK, France, Sweden, Spain, Austria… But that Italy has decided to veto the recognition of Guaido and so the EU was unable to give a group statement.


United States Rejects Mexico, Uruguay, Vatican Mediation Efforts to Keep Maduro in Power

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | January 31, 2019: The article highlights that the US government on Thursday (January 31) warned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro there would be consequences for what it called “egregious” acts of intimidation against the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, the senior US official said, according to Reuters.

And that the US wants Venezuela’s oil company PDVSA and its subsidiary Citgo to remain viable in wake of new sanctions that were imposed earlier this week.

Washington brazenly warned other international players against deals for Venezuelan commodities like gold and oil, the senior US official said, claiming, “We have seen some last-minute looting”, said Reuters.

In the meanwhile, Mexico and Uruguay have said they plan to convene a conference on Venezuela’s political crisis in Montevideo, Uruguay, on the 7th of February, bringing together officials from over 10 countries and international organizations. The United States rejects any mediation from the Vatican news sources are reporting.

(BattleForWorld: Apparently, the neocons are now adamantly drunk on power – anything in the form of madness and unreasonability to maintain their world domination mission.)

Flashback News:
Trump: U.S. troops stole money in Iraq: Donald Trump rang in the Army’s 241st birthday in unusual fashion on Tuesday — by calling attention to theft of government funds by American soldiers in Iraq.

Where’s our missing $17bn? Iraq demands return of oil money ‘stolen by U.S. institutions after 2003 invasion’Iraq is demanding the return of $17billion (£10.5billion) in oil money it says was stolen by U.S. institutions in the wake of the 2003 invasion. In a letter to sent the United Nations sent last month (May 2011) the Iraqi parliament asked for help finding and recovering the money, which disappeared from the Development Fund of Iraq.

What happened to the gold reserves of Iraq after the US invasion?: The Central Bank of Iraq has 90 tons of Iraq’s Gold Reserves. There is a conspiracy theory going around, claiming that the United States stole Iraqi gold and oil, specifically 20 TRILLION dollars in gold and 30 TRILLION dollars worth of oil. Those theories are wrong. Iraq has possession of its Gold Reserves.


U.S. recipe to overthrowing governments

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT | February 1, 2019: The video highlights the U.S. ‘Regime Change Stew’ recipe: 1. Heat the pot by condemning the regime’s legitimacy.  2. Stir gently and physically join opposition.  3. Season with sanctions.  4. Throw in some guns.  5. ???  6. Profit.


Pence Calls for End to Maduro Govt: Not Time for Dialogue, It’s Time for Action

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS | February 1, 2019: The article highlights that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said Friday (February 1) that all options (including military) on Venezuelan political crisis are on the table, stressing that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro should not “test the resolve of the United States”.

“This is no time for dialogue. This is time for action […] The time has come to end the Maduro dictatorship once and for all”, Pence announced to a cheering crowd at a rally.

Secretary of State John Bolton also claimed Friday he and U.S. President Donald Trump have talked several times a day about the situation in Venezuela, and there was a whole range of economic and political steps that remain to be taken, adding, however, that the Trump administration had no plans for imminent military intervention in Venezuela.


The Making of Juan Guaidó: How the U.S. Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

BATTLE FOR WORLD / GRAY ZONE | February 1, 2019: The article highlights that before the fateful day of January 22, fewer than one in five Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaidó. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaido had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela’s constitution.

But more than a decade before these intrigues, a group of right-wing opposition students were hand-selected and groomed by an elite US-funded regime change training academy to topple Venezuela’s government and restore the neoliberal order.

With Chávez’s popularity at its peak and his government planning sweeping socialist programs, on October 5, 2005, five Venezuelan “student leaders” arrived in Belgrade, Serbia to begin training for an insurrection.

The students to be trained arrived from Venezuela courtesy of the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies, or CANVAS. This group is funded largely through the National Endowment for Democracy, a CIA cut-out that functions as the US government’s main arm of promoting regime change; and offshoots like the International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. According to leaked internal emails from Stratfor, an intelligence firm known as the “shadow CIA,” CANVAS “may have also received CIA funding and training during the 1999/2000 anti-Milosevic struggle.” …

The “real work” started just two years later, in 2007, when Guaidó graduated from Andrés Bello Catholic University of Caracas. He moved to Washington, DC to enroll in the Governance and Political Management Program at George Washington University, under the tutelage of Venezuelan economist Luis Enrique Berrizbeitia, one of the top Latin American neoliberal economists. Berrizbeitia is a former executive director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who spent more than a decade working in the Venezuelan energy sector, under the old oligarchic regime that was ousted by Chávez. …

As Guaidó waits on direct assistance, he remains what he has always been – a pet project of cynical outside forces. “It doesn’t matter if he crashes and burns after all these misadventures,” Sequera said of the coup figurehead. “To the Americans, he is expendable.”


Venezuela Gold: Bank of England ‘no longer neutral player’ – Richard Wolff

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA | January 30, 2019: The video highlights economist and co-founder of Democracy at Work, Prof. Richard Wolff, as he joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the freezing of Venezuelan funds in the Bank of England amid the deepening political crisis in Caracas, Venezuela. Wolff says the Bank of England’s decision is a signal warning to all countries out of step from US interests to withdraw their money, as the Bank has shown itself to be “under the thumb of the United States.” And also comments on the “horrific prospects” of regime change in Venezuela being manipulated by the United States.


Russia claims no knowledge of plane sent to Venezuela ‘to extract 20 tonnes of gold’ from national bank

BATTLE FOR WORLD / YAHOO | January 30, 2019: The article highlights rumors that Russian authorities have moved 20 tonnes of gold from the Venezuela’s national bank to Moscow.

Allegations are that a Russian jet due to land in Caracas to load an $840 million portion of the country’s gold reserves on Wednesday (January 30).

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament guided by the US, sidelined by the Maduro regime, said in a tweet that they received information from the Bank of Venezuela that a plane from Moscow arrived to Caracas to “extract at least 20 tons of gold” – 20 percent of the bank’s holdings.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that he’s not aware of any plans to bring gold to Moscow.


Top diplomat says sanctions are part of US scheme to take over Venezuela’s oil resources

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | January 29, 2019: The article highlights that the United States seeks to take control of Venezuela’s oil resources by using sanctions, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (January 29).

“Washington’s representatives made it blatantly clear to the world that oil is the only reason behind the state coup attempt in Venezuela,” the Twitter posting reads.

Several countries, including the United States, Lima Group members (excluding Mexico), Australia, Albania, Georgia and Israel, as well as the Organization of American States, recognized Juan Guaido, Venezuelan opposition leader. President Maduro, in return, blasted the move as a coup blatantly staged by Washington and that he was severing diplomatic ties with the US.


Lavrov: US policy aimed at toppling Venezuela’s government

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS | January 29, 2019: The article highlights that Washington and its closest allies are openly pursuing a policy aimed at overthrowing the legitimate authorities in Caracas, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday (January 29).

The minister said: “We are concerned about what the US and its closest allies are doing with respect to Venezuela, brazenly violating all imaginable norms of international law and actually openly pursuing the policy aimed at overthrowing the legitimate government in that Latin American country.” 

And America has boldly decided to exempt American businesses from the sanctions against Venezuela is evidence of Washington’s intention for regime change in that country and at the same time maximizing profit from it.

Lavrov continues: “This merely underscores the cynicism of the current developments. US companies operating in Venezuela are exempt from these sanctions. In other words, they wish to topple the government and derive material gains from this.”

The media is reporting that anti-Maduro forces are getting their matching orders from Washington, who has instruct them not to agree to any compromises with the authorities in Caracas.

And “According to our sources, the leaders of the opposition movement who have declared ‘dual power’ are in fact receiving instructions from Washington not to make any concessions until the authorities agree to abdicate in some way,” said Lavrov.

(BattleForWorld: The neocons and allies continue to stir up geopolitical problems on the world’s scene in their nonstop quest to please their masters pushing for world power.)


Which countries resisted US on Venezuela?

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA – January 26, 2019: The video highlights RT America’s Dan Cohen report on the countries backing Venezuelan opposition-leader and self-declared interim President Juan Guaido and those standing with President Nicolas Maduro as well as the factors driving these countries into either camp.

The countries pressured by the United States to back Venezuela’s opposition coup leader, Juan Guaido includes: Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Britain, France, Israel, etc. And the Ukrainian coup president Porochenko supports the US coup against Venezuela, no surprise.

(BattleForWorld: And Brazil was given a stern warning on January 25 to think twice about supporting any coup against President Nicolas Maduro. So other forces are on the move, giving signals to the puppet countries to stand down.

And just like all the craziness involving Syria wrapped in manifold lies, the United Nations is being misused again by the same cast of characters causing trouble worldwide, who are scheduled to use the UN’s platform on Saturday January 26 where they are going to try and deceive the people of the world again about bringing freedom and democracy, etc. to the Venezuelan people – like they have promised Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, former-Yugoslav countries, African countries, Ukraine, etc.

The Iraqi Minister Hazim Al-Shaalan was told by the United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during the military invasion of that country: [aired on RT Arabic television May 27, 2016] that you have to first destroy everything, but she never gave him a date when the rebuilding would start. So these trouble-making ones, the shadow elites, are in the business of war…)


Lavrov urges all countries to abandon idea of military intervention in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 24, 2019: The article highlights that Moscow calls on all countries to give up the idea of military intervention in Venezuela, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday (January 24).

And stressed that: “Of particular concern are signals from some capitals that outside military intervention is not ruled out. We call for abandoning such ideas.”

The minister noted that: “We can see again the US, which is paranoically concerned about someone’s meddling in its election, failing to furnish any evidence, once again trying to act as the ruler of other people’s destinies and actually meddling in their domestic affairs.”

Lavrov said: “We call on Venezuela’s opposition, the opposition, which, I hope, prioritizes the country’s national interests and caution it against becoming a pawn in someone else’s dirty and criminal game.”

The Russian top diplomat noted that it is essential to act within the framework of the constitution and respect Venezuelans’ rights to determine their country’s fate. And that it should not be accompanied by violence and calls for the violent overthrow of the legitimate government.


Russian MP warns Venezuela’s current chaos can impede defense cooperation with Moscow

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 24, 2019: The article highlights the Russian State Duma (lower house) Defense Committee Chairman Vladimir Shamanov told reporters on Thursday (January 24), that “Instability in this country (Venezuela), which has long been our ally, will definitely curb their capabilities,” he said in response to a question. Shamanov said that the situation will have a destabilizing effect “on all aspects of economic life primarily.” “Accordingly, their financial capacity will shrink,” the Russian lawmaker predicted.

He continues: “Any instability – and we saw it happen in the last century – is always fraught with long-term consequences,” he went on to say. “Thank God, there are some sensible leaders – in Mexico, Bolivia and Cuba – who expressed support for the elected president [Nicolas Maduro],” he added. “However, the Americans have once again shown their true colors and they seek to achieve their goals by all means, stooping to anything,” Shamanov concluded.

(In the “enhanced”, Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, the free PDF book, read about how President Trump like Obama is being made to do stupid things in foreign policy in the interest of the ruling elites who are pushing ahead for world domination, page 1551. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free book, PDF Format Links: Book Summary | and Download Book )


US trying to create “government in exile” in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 24, 2019: The article highlights that  Venezuelan authorities know that the US is trying to stage a Syrian scenario with “government in exile” in Caracas, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Russia Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa told TASS on Thursday (January 24).

“After US Vice President Michael Pence called for overthrowing our government, our president decided to sever diplomatic relations with the US authorities and asked US diplomats to leave Caracas in the next 72 hours. This is an adequate response which our brave president provided to flagrant interference,” Tortosa said. And that “No country can allow any other country to state their opinions about the internal affairs of the state, especially when it comes to calls for overthrowing [the authorities].”

He continues: “We know what the next steps will be. The US will now have a justification [for their actions] that there are two governments in the country, like they did in our fraternal Syria with President Bashar Assad and its people. They created a government in exile, which led to great losses, to casualties, to demolition of the country’s infrastructure,” and Tortosa added that “the Syrian people fought back, with Russia’s help.”


Developments in Venezuela show West’s real attitude toward international law

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 24, 2019: The article highlights that the Developments in Venezuela show West’s real attitude toward international law, Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page on Thursday (January 24).

“The developments in Venezuela show very well how progressive Western society really treats international law, sovereignty and non-interference into internal affairs of other states, by manually changing the power there [in Venezuela],” Zakharova said.


Trump Recognizes Venezuela’s Opp Leader Juan Guaido as Acting President; and says all options on the table, including military

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS – January 23, 2019: The article highlights that US President Trump told reporters at the White House when asked if he was considering sending the US military to the country to support the opposition, that all options were on the table for Venezuela, according to a news report from Reuters.


Trump approved: USA recognizes Guaido as president of Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / BLOOMBERG – January 23, 2029: The article highlights that President Donald Trump has recognized Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela minutes after the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, declared himself the head of state, in the U.S.’s most provocative move yet against the leftist regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Trump said in a statement: “In its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people, the National Assembly invoked the country’s constitution to declare Nicolas Maduro illegitimate, and the office of the presidency therefore vacant.” And that “The people of Venezuela have courageously spoken out against Maduro and his regime and demanded freedom and the rule of law.”

Since Trump took office, the U.S. has steadily expanded economic sanctions and denunciations of Maduro, and with the current move, appears to be urging that Venezuelans overturn their government.

(BattleForWorld: And in the ironic twist of it all,  in the United States you have the neocons, Democrats and Republicans nonstop buzzing the media to impeach President Trump, and here you have President Trump aligning with the overthrow of Venezuela’s Maduro. Maybe Trump has no choice but to go along with this decision being directed by some shadow group?)


Failed Coup in Venezuela, US involved?

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA – January 23, 2019: The video highlights that U.S. Vice President Mike Pence released a video message in support of the Venezuelans protesters and underline US backing for opposition leader Juan Guaido. RT’s America Dan Cohen joins Rick Sanchez News segment with the latest. 


US media & leaders call for military overthrow of Venezuela’s President Maduro

BATTLE FOR WORLD / CALEB MAUPIN – January 20, 2019: The video highlights RT’s correspondent Caleb Maupin presentation about the US media and military calling for the overthrow of Venezuela’s President Maduro.

And in the United States you have the neocons pushing to impeach President Trump, and in the twist of it all, you have President Trump aligning with the overthrow of Venezuela’s Maduro.


Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers

BATTLE FOR WORLD / CNN – January 20, 2019: The article highlights that US officials met secretly with Venezuelan military officers who were plotting a coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, both a current and a former US official confirmed to CNN. Saying that American officials have met with the renegade Venezuelan military officers several times over the last year after the Venezuelan officers made contact, but Washington ultimately decided against supporting the coup, according to the the two sources. However, unabated like impeachment calls for Trump, calls for the overthrow of Maduro persists in US media.


Russia warns US against military scenario in Venezuela

BATTLE FOR WORLD / TASS – January 9, 2019: The article highlights that Moscow is warning “hotheads” in the United States not to embark on a military scenario in Venezuela, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters on Wednesday (January 9).

“I view the attempts by the US to consolidate the anti-Chavez front [against Venezuela] from Latin American states with anxiety and concern, this is an alarming trend,” Ryabkov stressed. “Despite the harsh standoff, even the governments in Latin America, which have taken the most critical stance against Caracas, are excluding the option of military intervention into Venezuela’s affairs. An attempt to use military force would be a catastrophic development.”

“We warn ‘hotheads’ in Washington against such temptations,” Ryabkov emphasized.


US using Lima Group to undermine Venezuela sovereignty

BATTLE FOR WORLD / PRESS TV – January 9, 2018: The article highlights that the United States is using the Lima Group as a regional arm of the American establishment in order to put pressure on the anti-capitalist Venezuelan government, says a commentator.

(BattleForWorld: The Lima Group is similar to groups that were formed before Iraq and Syria was invaded by the United States. A similar group also exists for Iran.)

Foreign ministers from the 14-member Lima Group (influenced by the United States) said they will not recognize Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s president when he takes office for a new six-year term on January 10.

In an interview with Press TV, Ramiro S. Funez, journalist and human rights activist, said that “the Lima Group should be renamed the Washington group,” because all of the countries that compose the Lima Group “take direct orders” from the Washington establishment.

“They are carrying out the orders of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean, because [Venezuelan President] Nicolas Maduro presents a threat to US hegemony in the region by trading with countries like China, Russia and Iran, and having friendly relations with countries around the world, and the United States is very fearful that Maduro and other progressive governments in Latin America are becoming stronger…” Funez said.




Pompeo: Venezuela’s Maduro Gov’t ‘Illegitimate,’ US to Restore ‘Democracy There’

BATTLE FOR WORLD / SPUTNIK NEWS – January 12, 2019: The article highlights that earlier this week (first week in January), Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for second presidential term for the period from 2019 until 2025.

“The Maduro regime is illegitimate and the United States will continue… to work diligently to restore a real democracy to that country,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in the statement, released in Abu Dhabi. “We are very hopeful that we can be force for good to allow the region to come together to deliver that.”

 According to the senior official, the US will continue to use the full weight of US economic and diplomatic power to press for the “restoration of democracy in Venezuela.”


Why Russia and US are butting heads in Venezuela?

BATTLE FOR WORLD / RT AMERICA – January 17, 2019: The video highlights host Rick Sanchez explaining the trouble that is brewing between US and Russia over Venezuela. With the US admitting that they’re considering military options in Caracas, the Trump Administration has signaled recognition of re-elected President Nicolas Maduro’s opposition as Venezuela’s legitimate government. He describes how Russia’s encirclement by NATO provide much-needed context for Russia’s stance toward Venezuela and the US relationship with its neighbors. 


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