Is Jared Kushner the Jewish Messiah? Christian-Zionists Excited

Is Jared Kushner the Jewish Messiah?

KNOW MORE NEWS / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 2, 2018: The new temple, the Third Temple, has to be built before the Jewish Messiah appears to…and rule over the Earth. And the American Christian-Zionists are cheering along to the ultimate war and chaos. (Note: Youtube is censoring videos and channels. The title of the video is “Is Jared Kushner the Jewish Messiah?”.)

(In the “enhanced”, Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, the free PDF book: Download and read about the Christian-Zionist prophecy and the Armageddon that follows; religious madness – A LONG AGO PROCLAMATION about why the Christian religion was allowed to spread in America, pages 1257 – 1258.  And how the Zionists are falsely fulfilling bible scriptures, page 477. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. UPDATED, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Book)


Christian TV network enters world of 24-hour news

YAHOO / BATTLE FOR WORLD – October 2, 2018: The article highlights that a Christian TV network is entering the crowded world of 24-hour news broadcasting at a time when the mainstream news [corporate] media is under increasing attack by President Donald Trump and some of his supporters, many of them evangelicals.

According to CEO Gordon Robertson, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s news channel will provide a religious perspective that other channels lack, told The Associated Press in an interview in advance of the network’s formal launch Monday (October 2).

The CBN News Channel, to air on local television stations in 15 U.S. cities and will produce original programming and commentary on everything from the power of prayer to Justin Bieber’s faith and Christian persecution in the Middle East, said Robertson.

Robertson, son of the well-known evangelist Pat Robertson, said he wants the channel to bring people together. But it is making its debut in an increasingly fractured media landscape and divided nation. President Trump sometimes uses evangelical outlets to reach supporters, while shunning other [corporate] news outlets.


‘The City of God…Where Messiah Will Come’: US Dedicates Jerusalem Embassy in Historic Event

CBN / BATTLE FOR WORLD – (posted May 14, 2018) October 2, 2018: The article highlights that after 22 of years waiting for a president to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it finally happened Monday (May 14).

President Donald Trump made good on one of his key campaign promises, to the delight of both Israeli Jews and evangelical Christians around the world.

The historic move recognizes Jerusalem as the true capital of the Jewish state.

It happened 70 years to the day that Israel proclaimed its independence, fighting to reestablish a homeland for the Jewish people.

“Today’s historic event is attributed to the vision, the courage, and the moral clarity of one person to whom we owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude, President Donald J. Trump,” said David Friedman, praising Trump for his bold decision.


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3 years ago

“The American Christian Zionists”? Just that statement alone tells me you’re off on your viewpoints here. While I do appreciate your goal of wanting to find or tell the truth, you never really will unless you have revelation from His Holy Spirit. Even in reading the scriptures, you will not interpret things correctly without revelation and that only comes from relationship with Jesus Christ, the one and only True Messiah. There is no Truth higher than that. You think we don’t see what’s going on? No, trust me – we get it. Like I said, many true disciples of Christ… Read more »