President Trump 2020 Election Victory

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 24, 2018: According to Max on the Keiser Report (E1218), the talk about peace with North Korea is to bring about an economic boom in America like what happened with China from the influx of inexpensive goods into the United States from lower tariffs and Chinese cheap labor.

The United States financial abusers desperately want to repeat a similar plan with North Korea to see if they can recreate an economic boom for US corporations, because the still developing trade wars with the US and China is going to deeply impact the United States financially.

If the scripted plan for peace materializes President Trump will take full credit for making it possible with all the media hype, but the people of America…will not immediately become aware regarding the motive behind the peace. And so it goes, peace intertwined with money and through the process humanity gets lost as it bows to financial booms and the excitements it brings most often unevenly.

With the US economy recovering, if you believe it, and the possibility of peace breaking out in North Korea, etc. the Trump business image could boost his popularity among the people and win him a second term.

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Keiser Report: Seeds of Economic Disaster, Trade Wars (E1218)

RT – April 24, 2018: Max Keiser: As I have been saying now since day one of the Trump administration that a 2020 election victory is high probability. And these numbers just underscore that of being the probably event that we can look forward to in 2020. …

Stacy Herbert: The International Monetary Fund predicted the world economy’s strongest upswing since 2011 will continue for the next two years, but warned the seeds of its demise may have already been planted.  So all the seeds of disaster that they see coming in 2020 are mostly US-based – it’s the tax cuts and the debts and the deficits that will emerge because of that, but also the trade war going on with China. (BattleForWorld: This pending economic collapse for the United States could have been stopped by President Obama, but he was pulled away from doing anything positive and was steered on the same path of voodoo economics where figures are deceptively distorted and the implementation of senseless wars from manipulation by the ruling elites and their allies, like that of all the other presidents. And President Trump is walking in the footsteps of President Obama’s reckless policies, that of the ruling elites’ never ending ambition for world domination using financial and military might for the surveillance and control of people.)

Max Keiser: Look, North and South Korea are declaring a truce. And that war has been going on for decades is coming to a close. If the open up North Korea it’s like opening up China during the World Trade Organization under (Bill) Clinton. It ushered in an enormous boom and if you are going to open up North Korea to development and all kinds of interesting American corporations going in there building infrastructure projects and Trump can take credit for that happening. He takes full credit and Dennis Rodman off-course are the architects of the peace between North and South Korea, you can have a huge booming. …

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Trump: I’m In For 2020 Re-Election Campaign!

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 27, 2018: President Donald Trump announced that he will run for a second term in 2020 as White House Commander-In-Chief and has named Brad Parscale his campaign manager. Eric Trump calls Parscale “an amazing talent” who was “pivotal to our success in 2016.” And Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser and son-in-law, said that Parscale “was essential in bringing a disciplined technology and data-driven approach to how the 2016 campaign was run.”

Several hints were made about this possibility and more:

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The Great Depression In America, In The 1930s After The Stock Market Crash

READINGTHROUGHHISTORY – April 1, 2018: How life in America was during the Great Depression in the 1930s after the stock market crash.


Future Forecast For America:

BATTLEFORWORLD – (updated April 30, 2018) Questions by shootingstar. Answers by DAH

>Financial collapese in 2020-2025?

It could happen by that time if Trump is a one term president. But they, the elites, might try to hide the obvious truth about the weakness of the US economy using fake news.

President Trump – first term. Pending second term for President Trump could be wishful thinking because the corporate media and political forces are very much against him. And with all the chaos from terrorism, is of much concern, as Dick Cheney predicts ‘far deadlier’ attack against U.S. in next decade.

If Trump wins a second term 2021-2024, the Democrats will inherit the full force of the financial collapse which by 2025 should start becoming obvious (regarding the weakness of the United States economy after 2020), and by then America might elect its first female president.

>Or is this when the wars are expected to break out. (i.e. Billy Meier info)?

The civil war, that will unfold in the Democratic Party administration. But Trump is going to “harness” this volatile cocktail mix – like how he’s doing now, by keeping in constant touch with his support base – using Twitter, press conferences, etc. Keeping them informed about things…, because the corporate press and certain political forces are very much against him.

>Total destruction in America on both coasts is the prediction from what I can gather?

Yes. From elementals. Maybe Climate Change will get extreme?

>Financial/Economic first followed by elemental weapons?

Elemental only if the Globalist forces decide to go ahead with World War III. But before they go ahead to start the Great War, a warning will be given if necessary. And if they decide to obey and not go ahead with war, it will just be the financial crash and massive austerity in the West.

>Or does the war happen first?

The Globalists want the war to happen first – to cover up the fact and hide it from the people that they have wasted America’s money on Globalist wars – for it to become the World’s Policeman.

>Financial crash>social unrest>wars>elemental weapons?

Phase 1 – Financial crash>social unrest  >  Phase 2 – wars>elemental weapons.

But Phase 2 does not have to happen.

>Isn’t there supposed to be an asteroid/meteor event before too long as well?

Into the late 2020s and beyond. We will use the nuclear missiles (repackaged) for this, if the meteors threaten the Earth.

Also, we shouldn’t waste our nuclear fuel foolish, because we will need it for space travel to power our fusion rockets.

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[ Michael Moore Says Trump Is On Track To Win Again In 2020 ]


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