Russia And Europe Unite To Send First Trip To Mars

BATTLEFORWORLD – April 22, 2018: After reading the news article from Sputnik News about Russia and Europe uniting together to send a mission to Mars at a future date. The mission so far involves launching technical equipment to Mars and not human beings.

There’s a Nostradamus quatrain, Century VIII-85, about a space agency consortium involving European countries and the country of Russia. The agreement would eventually mature to launching a manned mission to Mars where the French would be a part of this undertaking.

The first manned mission to Mars is with warning, because the prophecy foretold about one of the crew members on board the ship will suffer an accident and suffocate. That something will interpret his oxygen supply for a short period where he will be left without air. It is unknown if the malfunction will be an innocent anomaly or sabotage.

The United States will not be involved in the first manned mission to Mars because they are having economic problems and their government has collapsed.


EU-Russian Mars Mission Landing Site to Be Chosen Soon

SPUTNIKNEWS – April 22, 2018: The site for the landing of the Russian-built surface platform system as part of the Russian-EU ExoMars mission to the Red Planet will be chosen in October or November, Daniil Rodionov, the head of a laboratory at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Space Research Institute, told Sputnik.

“There are two candidate sites — Oxia Planum and Mawrth Vallis. The choice will be made by the end of this year, I believe, in October-November,” Rodionov, who heads the ExoMars project from the Russian side, said.

There are two requirements that the site for the mission’s landing should meet – the feasibility of landing, and the site’s usefulness in terms of achieving the research objectives of the mission, which includes such criteria as the presence of water, and conditions for conservation of signs of life, Rodionov noted.

The choice of the landing site will be carried out jointly by the Russian and EU scientists, the researcher continued, adding that the launch of the second stage of the mission is set for June 2020.


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