The Economy Is Getting Lighter. Keiser Report (E1205)

RT – March 25, 2018: Stacey: A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is 100-percent fatal. The company is called Nectome founded by Robert McIntyre and basically you will be able to upload your brain, but the catch is you have to have assistant assisted suicide . Max: …Remember Alex Greenspan when he was running the Federal Reserve Bank he said that the economy is getting lighter. By that he meant that we were moving away from an economy based of stuff (i.e. ships, trains, tucks, etc.) to an economy based on electrons and intellectual property, and finalization and that trend is only exacerbated to become more prevalent and significant to the point where very little of our consciousness is now part of the physical world. We are entering via show reality. We are entering now a phase where people uploading their minds to app and they are willing to trade their physical body in exchange for the promise of immortality, because remember as we have shifted from the physical to the pure spiritual I guess you could all it, we have also lost all values associated with the physical plane. The whole respect for gravity, the whole respect for morality and ethics have now been reinterpreted in a gravitational-less, ethical-less, value-less vacuum of moral turpitude. Which is now the new reality or heaven as some may call it.


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