Massive Solar Storm To Slam Earth; Could Knockout Power, Damage Satellites

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DAILYMAIL – March 13, 2018: The highlights of the article state that Nasa spotted a solar flare releasing a coronal mass ejection earlier this week (in March 2018). And that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a ‘G1’ storm watch. The solar flare coincides with the formation of ‘equinox cracks’ in the sun, formed by an enormous explosion in the sun’s atmosphere, which form around the equinoxes on March 20 and September 23 weakening the magnetic field.

The huge solar storm is heading for Earth, and it’s likely to hit tomorrow (March 14). And the warning is that the storm could knockout satellites, disrupt power supplies and spark stunning displays of the Northern Lights.

The anomaly was created last week by an enormous explosion in the sun’s atmosphere known as a solar flare, and charged particles from that flare are now on their way to our planet.

These cracks weaken our planet’s natural protection against charged particles and could leave commercial flights and GPS systems exposed to the incoming storm.

Geostorm: Some Deadly Weather Is Brewing


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