US Billionaire To Remove Trump From Office

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 9, 2018: Harshly Anti-Republican Tom Steyer says he is ready to invest $30 million into the Democrats’ efforts to regain control of Congress.

Hedge fund mogul and Democratic backer Tom Steyer, who has spent staggering sums to reach out to grassroots voters since 2016, when he endorsed Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton in her failed presidential campaign, said on Monday he is trying to mobilize young voters and shift enough seats in the House of Representatives from the GOP to the Democratic Party.

“My job is to remove Donald Trump from office,” he told reporters in Washington on Monday. “2018 is a battle for the soul of (this) country. That’s why I’m all in.”

The Trump impeachment campaign, first declared in October by Steyer, has now gathered over 4.1 million signatures.

“This tide will wash away the stain of the Trump administration, and it will not recede until America lives up to its founding creed, until we guarantee equal treatment, dignity and respect to every American,” he stressed. Link: Read Complete Article


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