Top Marine General Warns: ‘There’s A War Coming’ (With Russia)

MILITARY – December 22, 2017: The stated goals of the Marine Corps‘ newest rotational force in Norway are to enhance partnerships with European allies and improve the service’s ability to fight in cold weather.

But on a brief visit to the 300-member unit ahead of Christmas, the commandant and the sergeant major of the Marine Corps both described the strategic role the small unit fills — and the fact that a peacetime mission can be preface to combat if circumstances change.

The Norwegian Home Guard base near Trondheim that houses the Marine rotational force was the first stop on Gen. Robert Neller’s annual Christmas tour.

The stop was a new one for the tour. The first Norway rotation, from 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, deployed in January and was replaced by a new unit from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines, in late August.

Neller emphasized to the Marines that they should remain ready to fight at all times, predicting a “big-ass fight” on the horizon.

“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Neller said. ” … You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”

Neller later told the Marines that he expects the Pacific and Russia to be the service’s operational points of focus as the nation looks beyond the fights in the Middle East that have stretched into the better part of two decades.

The United States’ position that Russia presents a major threat was re-emphasized in the new National Security Strategy released Monday. The document discusses Russia’s practice of “using information tools” to interfere with other nations’ democracies and militant aggression that crosses borders.

“With its invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, Russia demonstrates its willingness to violate the sovereignty of states in the region,” the strategy states. Link: Read Complete Article


US Troops in Northern Europe Heighten New Cold War Tensions With Russia

SPUTNIKNEWS – December 23, 2017: A top US Marine Corps general told Marines stationed in Norway he foresees “a big-ass fight” sometime in the future.

Regardless of the whether war breaks out, “his talking about the real possibility of a war with Russia” acknowledges “what many of us have been saying for several years: We’re in a Cold War right now,” Dr. Anthony Monteiro told Sputnik Friday.

​”I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” USMC Gen. Robert Neller told Marines in Norway on Thursday, reports. “You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence,” Neller said, emphasizing that the Marines should stay ready ‘round the clock for a “big-ass fight” in the future.

“This Cold War is more dangerous than the first Cold War because there are no legal structures or treaty structures in place between the United States and Russia to prevent a mistake that could lead to a world war,” Monteiro told Sputnik Radio’s Loud & Clear.

“The United States has moved nuclear weapons to Eastern Europe in Poland and Romania,” the academic noted, “which is far closer than they’ve ever been.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that the new US National Security Strategy, unveiled earlier in the week, was offensive and aggressive in nature.

“In the diplomatic language, if we speak military language, then it is certainly aggressive,” he said noting, “we should take that into account in our practical work” at the annual Russian Defense Ministry Board meeting. Link: Read Complete Article


Putin: Russia Not Seeking Confrontation With Other Powers

SPUTNIKNEWS – December 23, 2017: The Russian president said at the United Russia party’s congress on Saturday that Moscow will build relations with the Western and Eastern partners on the principles of mutual trust.

Delivering a speech at the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that the sovereignty resting on the power of the army and the naval forces can ensure the stable development of Russia.

“Our might is directed against external threats, including terrorism. We do not seek and will not seek confrontation with anyone, we will continue our open and honest foreign policy,” the Russian leader has pointed out.

Russia’s Achievements ‘Only a Foundation’ for Future Development

Vladimir Putin has praised the achievements of the Russian government and the United Russia party in the development of the country. However, he noted that the further work is needed to secure the stable development of the country.

“There are a lot of important, principal, urgent matters, and everything that has already been done is just a foundation, but not a guarantee of the further successful development,” Putin said, stressing that the future of Russia’s development will depend on the state’s ability to ensure changes, to protect and multiply the achievements. Link: Read Complete Story


Russian submarines are making NATO nervous

WASHINGTONPOST – December 23, 2017: Russian submarines have dramatically stepped up activity around undersea data cables in the North Atlantic, part of a more aggressive naval posture that has driven NATO to revive a Cold War-era command, according to senior military officials.

The apparent Russian focus on the cables, which provide Internet and other communications connections to North America and Europe, could give the Kremlin the power to sever or tap into vital data lines, the officials said. Russian submarine activity has increased to levels unseen since the Cold War, they said, sparking hunts in recent months for the elusive watercraft.

“We are now seeing Russian underwater activity in the vicinity of undersea cables that I don’t believe we have ever seen,” said U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Andrew Lennon, the commander of NATO’s submarine forces. “Russia is clearly taking an interest in NATO and NATO nations’ undersea infrastructure.” Link: Read Complete Article


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