Hollywood Reels Under Onslaught Of Sex Scandals

BATTLEFORWORLD – November 5, 2017: The main reason why President Trump is under such relentless attacks is because of mutual support from the Corporate Media and Hollywood… In collusion with the Deep State has approved the mission to destroy Trump’s character, turn the people against him to have him resign. But it appears that friendly helping hands from behind the scene have come to the aid of Trump to help him overcome the never-ending destructive attacks coming from the media.

Trump is being attacked because he has set out to slowdown globalization and the globalists are in fear that all they have worked for, turning the world upside down to bring about multinational corporation domination and world government dictatorship will be undone. And so they are quickly trying to remove Trump from the White House to stop the damage and recover.

Now, Hollywood…is in the spotlight, rocked by sex scandals. Where the Corporate Media fake-news generating mouthpiece is now under attack, cannibalizing their own. The very same flute that they are using to play Trump out of the White House is now being played on them.

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[ Hedge Fund manager turned activist Tom Steyer tells congress: ‘We Are in a Crisis’: Move to Impeach Trump ]


Bye Bye, Underwood: Hollywood Reels Under Onslaught of Sex Scandals

SPUTNIKNEWS – November 5, 2017: A string of sex scandals that rocked the US this year has taken its toll on the Dream Factory’s creations as Hollywood stars fall while movies and TV series get cancelled.

Netflix has already announced that the sixth season of House of Cards TV won’t be featuring the series’ villainous protagonist Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey who was recently accused of sexual harassment.

This development however has not been the only example of accusations of sexual misconduct effectively torpedoing the careers of movie stars and resulting in cancelled projects.

Enter Harvey Weinstein. The once powerful and influential Hollywood producer suddenly found himself facing accusations of rape and sexual harassment from about 80 women, including A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd.

As a result Weinstein got fired from the very studio he once founded, the Weinstein Company (TWC), with his long-standing clients like Quentin Tarantino hurrying to sever relations with the disgraced producer.

The scandal also caused TWC to suspend the release of The Current War, a biographical historical film starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon that was originally set to be released in November 2017. The studio also intends to remove Harvey Weinstein’s name from the credits of all of its upcoming movies and series.

The fallout of the scandal however was not limited to TWC and affected the studio’s partners as well.

In October Amazon Studios president Roy Price had to resign after sexual harassment allegations brought forward by Isa Hackett, the producer of The Man in the High Castle series. …

Meanwhile, HBO decided not to film the mini-series about Donald Trump’s victory during the 2016 presidential election. The series were expected to be based on an as yet unpublished book by Mark Halperin, a political journalist who is now facing sexual harassment accusations levelled against him by five women. Link: Read Complete Article


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