Trump’s Iran Gambit: The World Is ‘Moving Toward Some Kind Of A Crisis’

BATTLEFORWORLD – October 10, 2017: Slowly, President Trump is being manipulated to fall inline and follow in the footsteps of…Bush Sr-Jr, Clinton and Obama, continuing the foreign policy war-drama as dictated by the neocons/Deep-State.


Trump’s Iran Gambit: The World Is ‘Moving Toward Some Kind Of A Crisis’

SPUTNIKNEWS – October 10, 2017: The Iran nuclear agreement won’t automatically collapse if the US withdraws from the multilateral deal, Iran analyst Mahan Abedin told Radio Sputnik. However, one shouldn’t underestimate Washington, since it could give EU member states an ultimatum seeking to ruin the accord, the expert said, assuming that the world is moving toward a new crisis.

Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal — also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — wouldn’t mean that the agreement will fall apart as a result, Mahan Abedin, Iran analyst at Middle East Eye and director of research group Dysart Consulting, told Radio Sputnik.

“Even if [US President Donald Trump] invalidates the deal… this doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the deal,” Abedin emphasized.

The Washington Post reported Thursday citing White House sources that Trump may declare Iran noncompliant with the JCPOA and “decertify” the deal. Last week the US president signaled that Tehran “has not lived up to the spirit” of the nuclear accord and accused the latter of supporting terrorism and exporting “violence, bloodshed and chaos across the Middle East.”

Only when the restrictions come into force again, it will mean the US is out of the JCPOA, the expert noted, adding that “even then this is not necessarily the end of the deal.”

“In the nuclear negotiations and agreement we reached issues and benefits that are not reversible. No one can turn that back, not Mr. Trump or anyone else,” Rouhani said as quoted by Reuters.

Will EU Major States Remain Committed to JCPOA?

At the same time it’s not quite clear how the EU member states will behave in case the US rip the nuclear accord up.

According to Abedin, the Germans and the French, and to a lesser extent Britons, are highly interested in re-entering the Iranian market: “The French, for instance, are investing heavily in the automotive industry and [holding] major negotiations with the oil and natural gas industry.” He recalled that many business delegates have visited Iran in the past two few years from EU countries.

“So, I do think that we are moving toward some kind of a crisis… and the warming business climate in Iran may start to freeze over again, unfortunately,” Abedin concluded.

Citing the proponents of decertification, the media outlet alleged that “the Trump administration can use the process as a way of persuading European allies to join the United States in advocating for a stronger Iran deal,” which may envisage tough restrictions on Tehran’s ballistic and cruise missile programs in particular. Link: Read Complete Article


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