New Anti-Russia Sanctions Is Economic Suicide For America

RT – August 5, 2017: Additional sanctions on Russia may make the American economy suffer greatly, says Max Keiser, host of RT’s ‘Keiser Report.’ Germany is not going to go along with the sanctions; they are just pushing Germany into the arms of Russia, he adds.

The EU has voiced alarm over the latest anti-Russia sanctions bill, passed by the US House of Representatives on Tuesday. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker warned the new measures could harm energy security on the continent.

The trade restrictions against Russia were included in a bill, which also counters so-called aggression from Iran and North Korea.

If President Donald Trump approves the US sanctions, they will punish companies with ties to Russia’s energy sector.

For example, they would disrupt the major Nord Stream-2 pipeline project. The list of companies that could be hit by the sanctions includes some of the biggest players in the energy sector. Among them, Anglo-Dutch Shell, France’s ENGIE, the UK’s BP, and Germany’s Wintershall.

Max Keiser, compared this US sanctions policy to Brexit.

“These types of sanctions in position is economic suicide for America. They are pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Germany is the center piece of NATO, and NATO will disintegrate… ,” he said.

“This is stupid. It’s is the policy of morons. Why? Because the deep state in America wants to keep feathering their nests by warring all over the world, killing innocent civilians. Donald Trump hopefully will stand up to this, veto this ridiculous initiative and we can talk about something a little bit more constructive. This is the last gasp of the neocons in America. Hopefully they will be squashed; otherwise, I really feel that the American economy will suffer greatly.”

In Keiser’s view, America cannot impose sanctions on other countries outside the framework of the UN.

“The post-WWII order of the US dollar hegemony run out Washington DC, the so-called Washington consensus – is disintegrating, it is falling apart. The US doesn’t seem to want to take on reality – they want to live in the past, and they want to believe they are the policeman of the world, and they are going to impose sanctions,” he said.

“Germany is not going to go along with American sanctions quite obviously. They are just pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Then you’ve got an enormous axis of power to Germany, Russia, and China, and they are going to get out of the US dollar. So then gasoline in America suddenly goes to $10, 11, 12 a gallon. How is that going to help the American economy if the US dollar loses its position as a reserve currency?” Link: Read Article

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