Poroshenko Blames Long-Dead Soviet Union For Corruption In Ukraine

SPUTNIKNEWS – June 28, 2017: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has finally ‘discovered’ the true culprit behind the sweeping corruption that’s plaguing Ukraine, and surprisingly, it’s not the Russians that are to blame this time. (BATTLEFORWORD: After the Soviet Union collapsed, but even before during the 1976-1977, the Bolsheviks were being ousted from inside Russia, and some of those old-Soviet corruption bandits migrated into the breakaway Eastern European states – Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc., awaiting orders from the West [America and England] to begin agitating Russia.)

This week, during his visit to France, President Poroshenko sat down for an interview with Le Figaro, which probed him on the origins of the rampant corruption which plagues his country. According to Poroshenko, the roots of this problem can actually be traced to Ukraine’s Soviet past. (BATTLEFORWORD:  Yes. And Ukraine is going to have a difficult time purging them from their secret ranks. The West will use the Bolsheviks to suck Ukraine dry.)

“It comes from the past, from the corrupt Soviet system, which had become deeply rooted in society and in everyone’s spirit,” Poroshenko said, in effect blaming a country which hasn’t even existed for over a quarter of a century for Ukraine’s present problems.

Earlier this month, a poll by a leading Ukrainian sociological research company found that 75% of Ukrainians believe their country is ‘in a state of collapse’, with 85% describing the situation as ‘chaotic.’ 65% blamed government corruption and incompetence for the problems facing the country, with 54% also saying the civil war in the southeast was to blame. (BATTLEFORWORD:  Also, the Ukrainian people must realize that they are being given “false-realities” of peace, freedom, goodwill, etc. by the West to appear as real. And this is to psychologically make the Russian people feel jealous and entice embrace these hollow traps. The United States is great because it is a fantastic Hollywood production – a live performance that has been playing nonstop for decades.)

Aside from his duties as president, Poroshenko is known as being one of Ukraine’s most prominent oligarchs, building up his wealth under mysterious circumstances in the confectionary and machine-building industries during the chaotic period following the collapse of the USSR. Link: Read Complete Article


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