Russia Slams NATO For Its Geopolitical Ambitions

TASS – June 24, 2017: The Russian top diplomat, Lavrov, believes that NATO’s plans have always been aimed at acquiring free geopolitical space.

NATO’s plans have never changed and have always been aimed at acquiring free geopolitical space, including in Eastern Europe, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with Belarusian mass media on occasion of the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties.

“We have repeatedly realized that all these preparations, which are now being fulfilled, when NATO’s infrastructure is approaching our common borders, when new units are sent there, under the slogan of permanent rotation, what means permanent deployment in all practical senses. We understand very well that pretexts used to justify such steps are far-fetched,” Lavrov said.

“If there had not been the coup d’etat in Ukraine, after which we were forced to defend those people who refused to obey neo-Nazi perpetrators of the coup, then something else would have been invented,” he said.

“NATO’s plans have never changed and with different intensity degree have been aimed at greedily acquiring geopolitical space, which they considered as unclaimed after the collapse of the Soviet Union,” Lavrov said

Regrettably, this strategy prevailed over those who after the collapse of the Soviet Union called not to strengthen NATO and deepen division lines in Europe, but to draw up a joint approach under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) or other universal organization, Lavrov said. “This approach should be based on ensuring equal and indivisible security for all countries of the North Atlantic region,” he said.

“The NATO-centric thinking is a bad thing,” he said. “It does not help build confidence, strengthen good-neighborly relations and reduce tensions, though we continue to do everything we can to reach these goals, even in the current situation,” Lavrov pointed out. Link: Read Complete Article



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