Fake Healthcare In America

BATTLEFORWORD – May 14, 2017: Fake healthcare in America is about how the health industry is morphing into a sort of ponzi scheme, exploiting government Medicaid and Medicare funds using “insurance product”, “financial services product”, etc. where they reap huge profits.

In some states, you have 4 or 5 different health insurance issuers operating out of one office and most often their targeted markets are low-income areas, etc.

The scheme is another form of corporate handout hiding behind the health insurance model.


Keiser Report: Fake Healthcare (E1070):

Max & Stacy continue to discuss the fake legislation passing with a fake vote in the House of Representatives to repeal and replace the fake healthcare system known as ‘Obamacare’ – aka the Affordable Care Act. Max continues his interview with Dr. Cory Annis of Unorthodoc.com about the membership model of healthcare in the age of bureaucratic paper-pushing financial services masquerading as medical care.

Keiser Report: Health Care Hard Choices (E1047) (ft.Gerald Celente):

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the allegedly ‘hard choices’ in resolving America’s problem providing health care. In the second half, Max talks to trends forecaster, Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com, about the Fed’s interest rate hike and whether or not Trump’s threatened trade wars will lead to hot wars.

Keiser Report: ‘Healthcare’ Debate (E1024)

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Miami, Max and Stacy discuss the elephants in the room of the so-called ‘healthcare’ debate. Obamacare should be called ‘bankcare’, they suggest. In the second half Max interviews crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and… buying up Michigan’s waste industry.

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