Obama-Initiated Campaign Of Russophobia Still Lingers In US

RT – May 4, 2017:  The anti-Russian campaign started by Obama’s administration still exists in the US and is being used as an instrument in the US domestic political struggle, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

“Sadly, the campaign of Russophobia started by Barack Obama’s administration still lingers in the US,” Lavrov said, speaking at a joint press conference with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini in Porvoo on Thursday.

“It’s clear that it’s still there today, first of all, in order to try and use that Russophobic card in the domestic political struggle in the US, including by those who failed to accept the results of the election that took place in full accordance with the US Constitution,” Russia’s top diplomat added.

Moscow has been long accused of “all mortal sins” in a situation bordering on “hysteria,” Lavrov said, adding that though the US Congress continues to create inter-agency structures to investigate “Russian threat,” no evidence or supporting accusations against Russia has been presented so far.

“If there are facts, we can discuss them, if there are no facts, we perceive this campaign as pure propaganda aimed at achieving not very plausible goals,” Lavrov said.

Asked about current relations between the US and Russia, Lavrov said that Moscow is seeking to promote “normal, mutually beneficial and pragmatic ties.” This kind of relations may be achieved only when the two countries show “mutual respect,” enjoy “equal rights” and are looking for “balance in perusing their own interests.” Link: Read Complete Article


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