Von Braun’s Legacy – Dr. Carol Rosin Testimony – Space Weapons

CSETIWEB: Wernher Von Braun told Dr. Carol Rosin – the strategy being used to educate the public and decision makers, the scare tactics, the spin that was being put on it, the weapons system. That was how we identify the enemy at first he said; the enemy against whom we are going to build a space-based weapon against. An idea he thought was ridiculous and unnecessary and very dangerous and much too costly, etc. The strategy he said would be, first the Russians, then terrorists, then third world countries (now called “Nations of Concern”); the next enemy would be asteroids, and finally extraterrestrials.

Von Braun transmitted to her from a distance, an audio speech that she heard in her left hear. A form of telepathy.

He was also concerned that psychotronic weapons would be unleashed upon the public to forcefully reprogram them. A form of technology that is able to penetrate the mind.


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