Fake News Face-Off: Trump & CNN In Continuous Spats

BATTLEFORWORLD – February 13, 2017: Donald Trump and CNN have gone head to head after Trump described the network as “fake news CNN”.  And CNN continuously tries to pick apart the administration’s comments for falsehoods.

The president’s leadership in America is slowly deteriorating and filling the void are the corporate media, judiciary, pundits, fractured parties, corporations and the weaponization of political memes among the people who are manipulated to-and-fro.

Why are the endless tit-for-tat spats from CNN being debated to sickening degrees? Are they laying the groundwork that will eventually push America towards confusion and lawlessness?

References – Links:
O’keefe Targets CNN: Set To Release Hundreds Of Hours Of Newsroom Footage | Fake news face-off: Trump & CNN in spat over POTUS comments…again ]


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