US No Longer ‘Full Democracy’ – Economist Group Report

RT – January 25, 2017:  The US has been downgraded from a ‘full democracy’ to a ‘flawed democracy’ for the first time due to a declining trust in the political system, a trend which helped to underpin Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said in its yearly report, released on Wednesday, that Trump’s election victory, however, is not to blame for the democratic deficit in the US.

Instead, a waning trust in the political system provided the conditions for the toppling of the established political class by the wealthy New York businessman, according to the report.

The yearly Democracy Index report, named ‘Revenge of the Deplorables,’ ranks the world’s nations based on a number of factors, providing a snapshot of the state of global democracy. (BATTLEFORWORLD: Where segments of the population worldwide are being manipulated using deliberately bad psychology through media [audio-video-and-print] and memes where over time pockets of deplorables are developed to spread fear, hate and destruction among law-abiding people. Former President Bill Clinton incorrectly refer to it as “bad-gene pool”, but it has nothing to do with genes, because it’s psychological. By the time the people have figured it out, they will have already wiped out much of their fellow men.)

Countries are scored in five categories; civil liberties, electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political culture and political participation.

The US’s score for 2016 fell to 7.98 from its 8.05 ranking in 2015, seeing it fall below the 8.0 cut-off for a full democracy. Link: Read Complete Article


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