Plight Of Africa, USA, British, Civil Wars, Gladiator

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 22, 2017: That Africa is a system of genocide (created by the British and the Rockefellers, and other ruling elites). Gladiatorial system where they play people to kill each other. All in the name of imperialism. What is going on in Africa is a conscious genocide. The killing off of the African population by western financial elites centered in Britain and the United States. Globalization apposes scientific approaches to free humanity; it reduces countries to slave labor and raw material exporters. British colonialism. Queen Victoria. Britain deliberately prevents the development of Third World countries from becoming self-sufficient. IMF, International Monetary Fund, World Bank. The control of world’s resources (Tin, Iron, Bauxite, Cobalt, Manganese, Titanium, etc) lies in the hands of a network largely based in the British Commonwealth.


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