Democrats Plan To Obstruct Trump

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 14, 2017: The Democrats, Georgia Rep. John Lewis and California Rep. Maxine Waters vocal obstruction of President Donald Trump are reactions geared towards media exploitation – to continue the vocal resistance against Trump. This movement against Trump is to try and bring him under control for manipulation/brainwashing to continue foreign wars, etc. and policies in the interest of Globalization.

With Barack Obama it was Hillary Clinton after losing the election, started to push the birth certificate issue through exploitation channels, that Obama was not US natural born. And then after other information got leaked about his family, sexually and leisure time activities by hyena reporters who were given a platform on Republican friendly media. These rumor threats were enough to have Obama fall inline and continue the foreign policy of wars and the manipulation of the US economy using trickery.

And now you have the Democrats taking their turn, using the same rumor threat techniques against Trump, assassinating his character.

One should understand the difficult position that Rep. Lewis and Rep. Waters are in, because if they should say otherwise out of tune against the Globalist gang and go ahead and support Trump while he’s still a loose cannon, they will be severely attacked by fellow Democrats and Republicans, and political pundits on corporate media, in league with the Globalist movement. And hyena reporters will be found to write hit pieces on Lewis and Waters.

If the Globalists are able to get Trump under their control and turn him against President Putin of Russia, Rep. Lewis and Rep. Waters will both change their minds and apologize in their own way. Until then, the corporate media stance is to attack President Trump into submission.


Rep. John Lewis Said President-elect Donald Trump’s Win Is Not legitimate

THEDAILYCALLER – January 14, 2107: Georgia Democratic Rep. John Lewis said Friday he didn’t view President-elect Donald Trump’s win as legitimate, and Trump fired back on Twitter early Saturday Morning.

Lewis asserted he believed Trump’s win in November over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was heavily influenced by Russian hackers, according to his statement to NBC News. Trump responded by writing that the congressman needs to focus on his own district. Link: Read Complete Article


CA Rep. Maxine Waters vows to ‘Fight Trump Every Inch of the Way’

INSIDER-FOXNEWS – December 27, 2016: California Congresswoman Maxine Waters said she will not accept any invitation to meet with President-elect Donald Trump, and plans to obstruct much of his platform.

“I don’t trust him, I don’t believe him, I have no intentions of sitting down with him; I’m going to fight him every inch of the way,” Waters told MSNBC.

The South Los Angeles Democrat said Trump has “stepped on everybody and has no respect for his colleagues” nor his ideological opponents.

Waters said, in contrast, Democrats are “nice” and “bend over backwards” to work with Republicans when in the majority. Link: Read Complete Article


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