France’s Fillon And Macron To Outflank Le Pen

BATTLEFORWORLD – January 4, 2017: The Rothschilds have labored very hard to bring about the European Union Globalist Dictatorship and sees Marine Le Pen as a threat. And so they have brought in their puppets Francois Fillon, the Former Prime Minister of France, and Emmanuel Macron a former investment banker to attack and push back Marine Le Pen. The Rothschilds are very busy plotting to pour millions into their campaigns, and forecasts that Le Pen will fail miserably in the upcoming French presidential election.

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[ Centrist Macron beats right-winger Le Pen in French presidential election‘Euro Is Dead’: Marine Le Pen Calls for Return to French National CurrencyTRUMP’S STAR POWER: Le Pen Spotted at Tower in Unannounced Visit During French Race… ]



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