Kissinger’s Possible Role In US-Russia Normalization Is ‘Great News For Moscow

SPUTNIKNEWS – January 2, 2017: In late-December, the German newspaper Bild reported that former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger would be involved in normalizing ties between Moscow and Washington.

The analysis of information, obtained by European intelligence from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team and cited by Bild, revealed that the White House would go for a “constructive cooperation” with the Kremlin.

The veteran diplomat has reportedly met with Trump several times in the past couple of months and is rumored to be his informal foreign policy adviser. Kissinger served as the US state secretary under President Richard Nixon and President Gerald Ford in 1973-1977, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for the ceasefire and withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam. Kissinger also pioneered the detente policy toward the Soviet Union and contributed to the improvement of US relations with China.

Kissinger’s participation in elaborating a new conception of US-Russia ties is very possible. This is a good piece of news for Moscow and a signal that Washington wants to establish dialogue, according to Vladimir Batyuk, a senior expert at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies, at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Kissinger could have been involved in development of a new conception of US-Russia ties because he has already played the role of an unofficial mediator between Moscow and Washington. He is very respected in the US and Russia. And he deserves his reputation,” Batyuk told RIA Novosti.

“Such a classic of political realism could help overcome a deadlock in relations between the US and Russia,” he added.

According to the specialist, the main reason behind this deadlock is that Washington’s approach towards Moscow was based on “American ideals and values, rather than American interests.” “When it comes to ideology no compromise is possible,” Batyuk said. Link: Read Complete Article


President Trump, Henry Kissinger Meet In Oval Office Amid Watergate Comparisons

PATCH – May 10, 2017: In a surprise meeting, Trump sat down with the former secretary of State and official in the Nixon and Ford White Houses.

Trump called the meeting “an honor.” Earlier in the morning, Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak — a choice many found shocking in light of Tuesday night’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, whose bureau is investigating ties between the president’s campaign and Russia. Link: Read Complete Article



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