Nazis United Until The End

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July 12, 2009 – Updated: July 11, 2016

Written By DAH
>For The Complete Benjamin Fulford Article Click Here
>As the Thule Society…revealing one of their biggest secrets:
>institutionalized homosexuality. …Thule people claim their
>traditions go back to ancient Sparta. We know the Greeks
>believed that sex between men was ‘purer’ than heterosexual
>sex. …This kind of homosexuality is not limited to Skull and
>Bones and the Thule society.

nazi1Before I was told this bit of information I had always wondered about the Nazi offspring from these escaped men, because I was under the impression that they also took German females with them. If they did however, these females probably lived among the general population in South America.

After WWII, a large contingent of Nazi men (over 2000 in number) fled Germany to a secret underground location in South America and Antarctica. No women were allowed into the base. And the reason I was given was that it was done to prevent quarrel among the men and that they did not trust females. That in general females were entrapping – luring, cunning, etc. and would over time create tension between the men and distract them from their mission. There was also fear that females could easily cause blackmail. And if procreation was allowed on the base it would bring with it distractions and divisions with the raising of children and all that the duty necessitates. And bringing offspring into the group would require programming about ways of doing things, etc. and at some point the goals of the Nazi could be disrupted. The group was not setup with a mini government in mind. The hierarchy was simple and it was on a mission, because the Nazis believed that they were going to rise again to power. The Nazis did not fail because they did not procreate. They failed because off-planetary forces and a powerful extraterrestrial faction still hiding on the Earth got involved and hampered their lifelong dream.

nazisoldiers2The large contingent of Nazi men lived in secret, worked together and became lovers of each other in order to keep a tight led on the Nazi seclusion from the surface world. Because they were not allowed to procreate, the men over time died out, mostly of old age and many lived pass 90 years old. And these old men were very alert and strong for their age. After the late 1990s dawned they all died out. I do not know what happened to their underground base and the technologies they had in their possession. But one of two things could have occurred; the base and equipments were destroyed or was given to a well intentioned group. (The Return Of The Now Peaceful NAZI MenUPDATE: The Nazi base was replenished by the late 1990s with young men of German ancestry in their late twenties/early thirties who were trained in science related professions of which many were engineers. Today they continue to improve Nazi technologies and fly their earthbound space ships. They have no interest in seeking surface power and are therefore reclusive because they keep to themselves. Among the men were always discussions about them one day going back to the German fatherland and now could be the opportune time since Chancellor Angela Merkel along with America and the British are trying to start World War 3 on the Russian border using NATO. If it will require a firm-hand from the now peaceful German Nazis to stop the war-woman Angela Merkel, so be it. And Benjamin Fulford wrote in his blog entry June 14, 2016 that he was informed by his sources that: “We are also hearing from German Second Reich sources that Germans who left Germany to form colonies elsewhere after and just before the end of World War 2 will be going back to Germany shortly to restore independence their fatherland. They also say a lot of hitherto hidden German technology is also about to be revealed. Pentagon sources say US forces have been evacuated from Germany’s Ramstein air base in order to shut down Bush cabal drug trafficking there and thus cut off their funds.” And Berlin (AFP) reports that: “German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has criticised NATO for having a bellicose policy towards Russia, describing it as ‘warmongering’, the German daily Bild reported.” And RT reports that: “Germany should work to mend relations with Russia rather than taunt it by placing troops in Eastern Europe near its borders, especially in light of Germany’s history as Russia’s invader, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said in a recent news interview.”) Also keep in mind that much of the surface groups technologies were advancing beyond what the Nazis had accomplished.  So the Nazis were becoming irrelevant.

The Nazis were also running an undercover spy-conduit in Germany after WWII. The spies were informers and troublemakers, and were used to give warnings to certain people not in alignment with Nazi plans and if those warnings were ineffective, the Nazis in Brazil would be contacted to finish the job. The members of the spy-conduit were constantly under the influence with mind-altering electronics to control them negatively.

nazisoldierssemjThe Nazi group in Brazil had established contact with an off-planet alien race consisted of two grey males for a short time until the aliens were removed, because they were assisting the Nazis in troublemaking. The group who removed the original fathers of the Illuminati (see below) said that after some deliberation they decided to let the Nazis escape, because they did not pose a threat anymore and that they were not bad people. That they just think differently (regarding the movement that was going on, which was later hindered) and that the seeds the Nazi group had planted regarding high technologies would make others curious, and that this would eventually lead to a revolution that the controlling elites [old wealthy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, British Royal Family, Fondi Family Trust, secret societies, etc.] could not stop and that it was just only a matter of waiting it out.

At the South America base they continued to test their disc crafts and other technologies. And also had found some extraterrestrial equipment, one being an interplanetary spaceship, but its deep-space hyperdrive was nonfunctional, and only the planetary gravitic propulsion was working. The Nazis figured out the flight controls and were able to use the craft for a short time before it was taken from them and destroyed.

They were also in contact with the last colonization of extraterrestrials that did the Eve and Adam procreation. (Where an Earth human female was captured and tamed to become surrogate. And from natural sex and genetic science, a female was created, and after some tweaking and monitoring the scientist created a male. And later both coupled and produced offspring. This act was done by “three different scientists” [i.e. Semjasa, Asasel and Sartael], creating “three different lineages” [i.e. Adam – a segment of the white race; Ledon – a segment of the dark race – Asian Indians and Arabs, and Tet-el – the Hebrew people], which added to the then existing Earth human races. Also remember that the fetus is always female first, and if the spirit-form’s new personality is to be male, the genetic coding in the DNA changes the sex organs where the transformation begins to that of a male.)

illuLater, a lineage from these extraterrestrials became occupants under the Giza pyramid of Egypt, who originally influenced the Illuminati surface group, starting with the Vatican. It was this group who had the many popular religions corrupted. They also appeared before many popes and carried out apparitions at Fatima, Zeitoun, etc. to reinforce the Roman Catholic religion. These extraterrestrials were hoping that one day they could come up to the surface and rule, and the Vatican was facilitating that eventuality. But things changed and the extraterrestrial group was removed in the late 1970s to stop their interference with the surface people.

Into the 1970s a faction of the Nazis that had fled to the polar (Antarctica) region still existed there. The crafts piloted by them were bell/mushroom shaped using electric propulsion for air travel. And since these crafts were not very large they could only carry a few people. The crafts, at the time, were not very reliable for long flights because their energy storage cells depletes quickly. When that happens the craft has to land, recharge its storage cells and take off again, repeating the process until the crew reaches their destination. And because of this limitation the crafts did not journey very far from their base in the early years, but technical problems were later solved. The Nazis who settled in the polar region were also dying out and if by chance anyone came in contact with them, they would be kidnapped.

As World War II ended with the Nazis inner circle having escaped; they continued with plans to fulfill their eventual aim of a great Germany. By 1955 George Adamski published the book “Inside The Spaceships” where he wrote about contact with extraterrestrials from Venus. (The Adamski storyline started when he came in contact with an American woman who had met people [from a secret terrestrial group] showing her spaceships and she was given a tour inside one of the ships. These people [of secret terrestrial origin] told her that they came from the planet Venus. The lady did not want to come forward about the contact because she did not want to be ridiculed. Adamski later met the lady and took information and drawings from her and became the transplant contactee who has never met the people that the lady came in contact with. Adamski then perfect the drawings and add to her story and published the material claiming to be in contact with extraterrestrials from the planet Venus. Adamski’s business partner Carol A. Honey, a trained Hypnotist, revealed that George Adamski had been hypnotized. And Asket from the Billy Meier contacts noted that information was implanted in Adamski’s mind. It was rumored that Adamski signed a confession note on his deathbed saying that he was not in contact with extraterrestrials from Venus. This evidence at the time was in the possession of a friend and so far has not been released to the public.)
By 1958 a male individual appeared in German UFO circles named Karl Michalek, who was traced back to South America. In Germany, Louis Emrich published a newspaper called “NEUES EUROPA” or in English “New Europe” in which Michalek wrote articles claiming that he was in positive contact with the governmental heads of the planet Venus. And that the intelligent being he was in contact with was named “ASE”.

merkelIn the publication Michalek made threats to the Soviet Union, giving an ultimatum to Premier Nikita Khrushchev on March 12, 1960: that if he did not withdraw Russian weapons of mass destruction directed at other countries, that there would be severe measures from the Venus spacefleet, invading the Soviet Union to destroy the weapons. (And today we have NATO and the United States giving similar threats.)

Michalek said he was chosen to become the president of the coming nation – a uniting World Republic (known today as the One World Order) of the Earth; merging together the regions of Europe, America, Africa and Asia. (Germany was to take the leadership position to form this union. The dominos started to fall with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of Yugoslavia. And emerging was a little known organization that started between 1951 and 1958 called European Coal and Steel Community [ECSC] and the European Economic Community [EEC], known today as the European Union of which Germany is the leader country dictating to member countries. The dame in the script is rather interesting because rumors have emerged claiming that Chancellor Angela Merkel is the daughter of Adolf Hitler, made possible using artificial insemination in East Germany.) And in line with what is going on, it so appears that the One World Order goal is to subdue the former Soviet Union countries. This intention was echoed by Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the goal of NATO, the United States, England and Europe. And Angela Merkel, a Zionist with an Israeli passport, is being ordered by the ruling elites (old wealthy families – Rockefeller, Rothschild, secret societies, etc.) to start a world war in Europe using NATO against Russia. (Download this PDF and read about the “EU Dictatorship”, “the Zionist Angela Merkel” and “European Union Hostility Modern Dictatorship; Not Democracy”, pages 367, 529, 582: Link: > Download From Here – MediaFire )

The elites are now interfering with the food supply resulting in the younger population showing signs of aging disorders. The planet is overpopulated, and the problem will get worse when old industries are mechanized and there is no longer high demand for manual labor. And severe measures will have to be put in place to lessen the birthrate worldwide. Rampant procreation in a mechanized new world will only lead to more problems. When a civilization advances into high technologies, primitive thinking must also be upgraded to match advances.

In regards to the Nazis, unlike many who are misinformed, the problem is not homosexuals. It has its place in society. The elites [old wealthy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, British Royal Family, Fondi, Kaiser, Soros, Warren Buffett, Koch Brothers, etc.] will have to undo the persecution of homosexuals caused by their hands; stop all wars, because wars just keep the baby machine in constant motion as adults and children are killed off; uplift the poor and stop using their situation to enhance resumes, etc.

References – Links:
[ Apparitions | Adam & Eve | Billy Meier | Semjaza | Vatican, Pope | Illuminati | Nazi | Grey ETs ]


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