Illusive Concept Of Syrian ‘Moderates’ Failed Despite Financing & Propaganda – Churkin

RT – December 10, 2016: Speaking to delegates at UNGA, the Russian ambassador to the UN explained that the Canadian resolution contained “serious flaws,” making it “impossible” for Russia to support it.

“The causes of the conflict’s genesis and evolution have been misidentified. The blame is mostly pinned on the authorities of the country. The terrorist threat and the role of foreign sponsors in perpetuating and augmenting it are outlined only in broad strokes,” Churkin said.

“Condemnations will not help to reach a specified goal,” in Syria, the Russian ambassador proclaimed, pinning the scale of destruction in Syria on an “aggressive form of colonialism” pursued by countries which supported the so-called moderate opposition.

“It is a result of the mindless foreign policy of several international and regional players who once decided to change the leadership in Damascus and to redraw drastically the political, ethnic, confessional, and economic map of the region,” Churkin said.

But despite having “extensive financial, logistical, and propaganda support” from the outside, “the elusive concept of ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ has effectively failed,” the Russian diplomat said.

Russia, according to Churkin, on the other hand poured “enormous efforts” – humanitarian, political and military – into helping stop the war and aiding with a transition to direct UN-sponsored settlement negotiations.

Churkin said that Russia, at the request of the legitimate Syrian government, is fighting terrorists who are “pouring into the country through all the cracks in order to fulfill their instructions to overthrow the legitimate authorities.” Link: Read Complete Article


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